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Which room holds your dirty desire?


***THIS IS YOUR TRIGGER WARNING* *There are scenes that may be sensitive to some readers. Please be advised*

Seraphine knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to claim it as hers. Her inability to love has kept her safe from the heartbreak of her past. After inheriting the motel, she built the most successful brothel in the middle of nowhere. Seraphine’s thrives on the dirty secrets and deadly desires that inhabit the darkest part of humanity. Her motel is the perfect place for sinners to sin and saints to repent. She had everything, until one of her possessions was at risk of being lost. Ivy ran from her past while doubting her future. When she arrived at Seraphine’s, she had nothing she wanted to remember and everything she wanted to forget. She knew what situations to avoid and when her limits were exceeded. Seraphine kept her protected; safe. Can Seraphine break the walls down surrounding Ivy? Will Ivy succumb to her expected fate? What neither of them anticipated was a reservation, one that could destroy them all.

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Just Another Personality Test?


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If you know me, you’ll know I loved abnormal and personality psychology. I loved it as much as someone who drove 50 mins one way to get to school and sat in the front row could.

I took the Big Five personality test during school, and am obsessed with the BBC’s ongoing longitudinal research called Child of Our Time. I took the original quiz that measured by Openness , Conscientiousness , Extroversion , Agreeableness, and Neuroticism .  Turns out, all of my traits were unusually high (except my neuroticism was low), which meant that i was able to measure that I was different than most people for the first time in my life. As an eccentric who sometimes goes against the norm just to say she can, it made me realize that my path could be different than I planned, or unconventional. The Lab changed the quiz over the past few years to tell you where’d you be the happiest in GB, and that link is here:

While I love the OCEAN personality (The Big Five) test, and how generalizable it is to other cultures, I kept hearing about Meyers-Briggs and the letters, and decided to take it after Pinterest kept recommending me pins for INFJ (I think this is because of Yves) .

Yes, at home personality tests aren’t in a controlled environment, and might not be as accurate, but if you try to be as truthful as possible, your results should make sense.I took The 16 personalities test! The order of the letters determine your personality by your “Jungian preferences”.

There were four possible pairs of personality traits:

  • Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)
  • Intuition (N) or Sensing (S)
  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

I am…

The Commander  ENTJ


ENTJs’ intelligence, strong will and logical reasoning skills are a force to be reckoned with. Be it a minor obstacle or a seemingly impossible task, ENTJs will find a way – or make one. This fearsome determination and intellect allow ENTJs to overcome many challenges.

ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. But unlike their Feeling (F) counterpart, ENTJs are characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world – but we have ENTJs to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.

I agree with the results, but they do nothing to mention how empathetic and agreeable I am, and the result of ENTJ downplays the emotional intelligence I have (Ha, it sounds like an ENTJ to say that!).  According to the pairs, it would be possible for me to be an ENFJ as well, but the test decided I was more “thinking” (probably my ability to see the viewpoints of others) than “feeling”, and I have more of a need to do the right thing than make people feel better. Curiously enough, according to 5 point scale of The Big Five personality test, I am .01 more conscientious than I am agreeable, so in that respect, ENTJ is valid. That .01 percent changed one letter because my traits are extremely high.

It was a fun test! Go take it!

The 16 personalities test


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New Release: Walk the Walk

Romarin supports other Indie Authors, and would love for you to check out the books that might tickle your fancy! Your new favorite author could be waiting…


Though she tries to experience the world through her poetry, Luna Morrow caves to conformity rather than allowing her creativity to soar. Pampered and passionate, fashion designer Owen “Blake” Blakeney knows he found his muse when he spots a gorgeous, alternative waitress at the Club 73. After a wanton tryst, Luna disappears, leaving Blake following a trail of clues to find her. With his sights set, he sets out on a quest to locate his mystery girl and convince her to walk in his fashion show. He never expected her to walk into his heart.




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Blog Hop Hunt Stop: Virtual Fantasy Con 2016!

Hi, I’m Romarin Demetri author of The Supernatural London Underground (A Mirror Among Shattered Glass and The Frost Bloom Garden) and I’m your host for this stop in the Hunt.

If you would like to find out more about the Hunt, please click here –

Somewhere on this page is a hidden number. Collect all the numbers from all the authors’ posts, and then add them up. Once you’ve added all the numbers, and if I am your last author, please head to the official website and click on the ENTER HERE page to find the entry form. Only entries will the correct number will qualify to win.


The author I’m pleased to be hosting for Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt today is Lily Luchesi, author of the Paranormal Detective Series.


Love In Horror


Over the release of my first two novels in the Paranormal Detectives Series, I found that many of my readers who picked up the book specifically for the horror elements were surprised but pleased with the romance I featured between my two main characters, Danny Mancini and Angelica Cross.


Theirs is a love that spans a century, a connection of the soul that can’t ever be broken, even by death. Danny was once a vampire hunter named Jonathan Price who met the vamplet Angelica while they both attempted to rescue an innocent victim from a hungry vamp in Chicago, early twentieth century.



Danny became reincarnated and the two met once again in 2014, once again while fighting a rogue vampire. If I am being completely honest, I never planned on a romance. I never even planned on a series. The first book was supposed to end bloody and unhappy, but as the love between the characters blossomed, and I learned more of their story as I wrote it, I knew one book would not be enough to tell their love…or their woes.

That brought this question to my mind: does love really belong in a horror novel? And what is the cut off? Can you ever have too much? I decided that that answer is yes. You never want to take away from the creepy aspect of your story by making two characters be extremely mushy with each other all the time. There must be balance.


That being said, let me say that I am not very good with the whole “emotions” thing. In fact, I’m terrible with it. So it scared me when reviews came in, saying the readers wanted more romance between the two after they read Stake-Out.

stakeoutSomehow, I managed to write the first real romance scene of my life in book two, Miranda’s Rights. And you know what? I liked it. Me, the girl who rolls her eyes watching romantic comedies on HBO, who wishes Pet Sematary had more bloodshed. My readers helped me want to delve deeper into a wide spectrum of emotions, not just romantic ones.

In book three, Life Sentence, I bring in two new characters, also lovers, and their connection will parallel Danny and Angie’s for some time. For a girl who only wanted Danny and Angelica to be lovers because it suited her murderous agendas, this was quite a feat.

Which brings me back around. Can love and horror be a good mix? Yes. But you’ve got to be careful you don’t go from Stephen King to Nicholas Sparks.


The best thing about writing horror with a romantic subplot it that is makes for more intense fight scenes. The characters have a lot to lose both professionally (if they lose in the Paranormal Detectives Series, mortals would be in grave danger), and personally, because they are fearful not just of losing the fight, but of losing each other. It adds another level of urgency, or fear. It makes yet another thing to fight for.

A lot of people assume, since I write paranormal and horror, that I would have automatically added in a lot of sex and love. As I have had to frequently remind people, paranormal creatures are not romantic figures whatsoever. Angelica is an exception, because she is part human. 12 Vampires lust for blood, not sex. Werewolves want to eat your beating heart right out of your ribcage, not frantically kiss you beneath a full moon. Those are lines I did not want to cross, and they are lines I hope I never cross in the future.

You don’t have to sacrifice fear for love. Romance can be used as a weapon, as a tool for the dark side, and that is how I use it. For readers who pick up the Paranormal Detectives Series, I hope you’ll find a good sixty-forty mix of horror and heart. I want you to gasp and sigh, cringe and cry.


I hope I succeeded, reader. If I gave you even one ‘feel’, I will consider my job done.

Find the Paranormal Detectives Series (ebook and paperback) on Amazon:

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Free Short Horror Story


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I am now out and about on Smashwords! My former prologue and short story is up for free and can be yours!

Once upon a chilling evening, a maiden working in a castle owned by Countess Bathory stumbles upon on hideous hidden chamber , and rumors spring from the shadows to come alive. The maiden can either keep a promise or run for her life, but either choice has unforeseen consequences, and what she has seen will forever haunt her waking moments.


This short story was released in celebration of Halloween, 2016. It was formerly the prologue of “A Mirror Among Shattered Glass”, book one in The Supernatural London Underground Series. Because the short story takes place in 1590, and the novels are set near present day time, the story was a fun exercise that acquiesced to exist on its own. We will never have Countess Bathory’s own account of what happened at her castle, but one thing is for certain: There is no getting away with murdering hundreds of girls without a few rumors being started.

Happy October, everyone!

Cover for The Frost Bloom Garden!


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Here is a big version of this beauty:


On Amazon for pre-order:


Which is quite different than the first book:


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00014]


But, she hasn’t changed her hair, so how much of a crisis could Row really be in?

Let’s hope she’s as good at getting out of trouble as she is getting into it!

The Frost Bloom Garden: As if the Supernatural London Underground couldn’t open up any further, Romarin is immersed in different cultures, struggles, and factions— including the revelation of her first dangerous foe—that make the hidden world what it is: treacherous. As a detective in pursuit of a Jack The Ripper type killer, Romarin’s sole purpose is to destroy evidence of their secret world, reminding her of how blurred all of their roles are, and that the price for that could very well be one’s life. With rumors of a safe haven, an island where people like her can go to be free and understood, perhaps she won’t need the cure she vehemently seeks. A cure for a broken heart however, that’s another story. And then a cure for a burning heart? That’s just impossible.

I am happy to announce that book 2 is coming out in December! I am VERY EXCITED to share this book with you, because now that Romarin is more at home in London, anything can happen, and will happen, and when there is a semi-impulsive heroine calling the shots, “anything” is an ominous word!

Stay tuned!

We aren’t shallow; We just like to take pictures to remind us of our endless depth (My story of being accosted by a Class of ’96 reunion goer).


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Just because we take a lot of pictures and are in communication with hundreds (if not billions) of people instantly, doesn’t mean that our language is narcissism, and we should be given more credit for the conversations we have before a stranger eavesdrop and decide that they know our life stories.

My friends had the idea to find a patio while the weather was still nice, and even though it was humid and rainy (and the winter heat lamps were on under the bar making it even hotter) we went outside. We do this thing in which we try and fix our hair in the bathroom, maybe so it won’t engulf our faces for a few more minutes outside. My hair will get twisted in a ball on the top of my head when it gets too hot, no cares given.

I say, “I didn’t realize it was so humid,” out loud, backing away from the mirror.

“Even with my frizzy hair and acne those guys still wanted to take a picture,” says a friend, talking about a bachelor party group who were posing in front of a large beach chair with us strangers.

We are about to leave the bathroom, and abruptly, a class of ’96 reunion goer from the room reserved above the bar says:

“There is so much negativity in here. ‘My hair looks bad,’ that girl’s a slut’. Listen to us. Where did we learn it?”

We? To which one of my friends issues, “magazines.”

I’m convinced this woman is after Leslie Mann’s next movie role.

Then, she with the nametag, stuck upstairs in the party room  in a weird vortex of a class reunion , tells us that we should like who we are, and compliments our various body parts and clothing before walking out. And I quote, “look at those boobs.”


One of my friends comments how she wants to go back and dance now.

I don’t think simple observations to our closest friends about humidity and a stress zit make us hate who we are. If we didn’t want to be out, we wouldn’t be out on the patio in the rain. We’re clearly comfortable despite the hot weather.  I think we’re comfortable when we speak with our friends, and if we wanted a motivational speech we would have gone to see a speaker, not a DJ.

Thirty-eight year old stranger seems to think that being self-indulging narcissists will help with the “negativity” of the world, and that we can validate ourselves based on shallow appearances. To her, we’ve adapted to a culture of selfies and phrases like “Look at those boobs”, take the place of “I like the top you’re wearing, that’s a great color on you”. Thirty-eight year old stranger thinks she’s talking our language to reach out and mentor us, but in reality, we’re kind of confused. When we first met up that night, my three friends and I exchanged compliments about our outfits and jewelry, but the class of ’96 seemed to miss it, because it wasn’t exactly their conversation. We are about 10 years younger than the woman who accosted us, and she’s not giving us enough credit for liking who we are, and many people our age probably get a bad rap. Taking pictures of ourselves to remember events or just the day doesn’t mean we are egocentric and only respond to narcissistic statements.

I also don’t think that complimenting our appearances to make up for accusing us of calling other girls “sluts” (in which I didn’t, I don’t.) in conversations that aren’t our own is an acceptable trade off. It was the strangest conversation I’ve ever had with a stranger if Jessica from French class doesn’t count.

It’s a great reminder that there are many things that happen in a conversation before you get there.  You shouldn’t feel entitled to teach someone else a life-lesson if they aren’t asking for it.

“I like your shoes,” though, that can brighten someone’s day.

I hope to remember both things when I turn thirty-eight.

Book Review: Crystallum


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As of 8/19/16 this book is FREE for Kindle. Always check a price before you download.

I found Crystallum in an amazon giveaway while researching authors for my Fantasy Character Cotillion. I always try to review books I received for free.

I work on a five star system, but rarely does a book get 5 stars, so 3 and 4 stars are a compliment.

On the cover: This book looked historical. It is not. It is present day.

This book is about kids in high school (I’m so happy it’s senior year) and there is typical high school drama, as to be expected. It’s been a long while since I’ve read something about high school aged characters.You were warned in the blurb (somehow I forgot), so no complaints. There is more than an occasional peppering of Latin throughout the novel. This reader earned a Magna Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, so while that pleases me, I am in agreement that it was a whole lot of Latin (and I am not sure if the word order was sorted) and the history was so rich that it was a little hard to follow. The reason no one speaks Latin anymore is because word order, gender, and ending need to match the part of speech something is in a sentence. Can you imagine speaking that way fluently? Eek. Much harder than English (which is messed up anyway).  I’d love to see an acknowledgement in which McMann gets Cole-like and says “I slaved over this Latin so you better enjoy it!”

I liked: The supporting characters’ twists, relationships, and personalities. Diverse and beautiful.

I wanted: A prologue that explained the alternate plane more. I’m still not sure what’s happening, but McMann will clue us in.

You will like this book if you like: Smart and cocky characters. They are intelligent, well-read, Shakespeare-quoting characters at the top of their class. You will also like it if you enjoyed “The Mortal Instruments”, because there are demons and shadows, and a hidden plane only Kade can see in a night club.

Remember: This is the first book in a series, which means you need to read #2 before you form a concrete decision about the series as a whole.


Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 review, and what really happened when we went to concerts in the early 2000s.


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SLC Punk was a cult film about a couple of punks living in the Mormon state of Utah in the 80s (released in 1998), rebelling against society.



Now that the sequel has been released, the writers stand by their decision to make it the movie it was. I want to uncover why they are being defensive about it on their facebook page in light of hate mail.

When the sequel, Punk’s Dead, came out this year, I was one of the viewers who was left thinking  “wait, that’s the end?” By no means am I telling you not to go watch it. I just did on Netflix. I think it’s important for you to form your own opinion if you were a fan of the first movie.

The movie wasn’t an accident and turned out precisely the way the James Merendino, the writer, intended. Its run time is 1:15 minutes, and it’s a story about a road trip from SLC to SLC, and the climax of the movie is Ross, a Victorian Goth punk, going to his first punk show, in which he realizes punk is dead. Meanwhile, his mom and her old friends search for him because Ross doesn’t go to punk shows. That is a sound story arc, but as far as encapsulating the early 2000s, fans get lost in comparing the first movie and the second one. As weird as it sounds, I think you should take them separately, and that is the key to realizing the beauty of Punk’s Dead.


Back in the early 2000s, just before punk bands seemed to switch over to a mass of what I call 4-chords (think power chord=1-5-8, and then move that five to 4, so then your chords consist of root, fourth, and octave, and that’s how “punk” sounded right as I was transferring to state school from community college.), MCR was taking over my rock playlists, and people forgot I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love was ever an album, “but dude, I love the Black Parade”. Also, Ska prom was a thing at the Agora in Cleveland, so we had “emo” and “ska” right out of high school, and we’d listen to older Ska and newer. So if I had made a Punk’s Dead movie, Keasbey Nights would be on the soundtrack, and those five beautiful boys that went to jail would be discussed. Punk’s Dead talks about all of the different genres, but we aren’t immersed in one of them. In the movie we were taken to a huge concert venue that is air conditioned, when in the early 2000s, I was still buying a water from sweaty singles crumpled up in my bra, innocently confessing my love for the woman at the bar who poured me my water, or let’s take you back to a time after an MSI show when my friend who listened to MSI just because I liked them yelled that we had to leave because the streets were getting dark and it was getting unsafe.

So in theory, I think people who aren’t in love with Punk’s Dead don’t think that the decade was encapsulated well enough for concert goers. Ross is a Victorian Goth kid, which is magnificent, and Crash and Penny are dressing like they’re from the 80s. I liked emo Shelly, because she was the kind of kid you’d see walking around in that time period. Cleveland and Utah are different, but I’d imagine their record stores carried the same new releases. Perhaps it did define someone’s existence in that time period, but it did not define the dead punk music in my life.

SLC PUNK! Might have executed some ideas better. Was it Steveo’s narration that helped? possibly.

Things I found awkward:

  1. The old friends. I wanted to love them, and Trish owning a steampunk shop was great, but the other guys were awkward. No one knew Sean was alive, when they live in the same city. Sean also went on a strange tangent about burlesque being prostitution that I didn’t follow, and it seemed out of character. I thought I liked that John the Mod was into Black Metal now, but there was such an awkward exchange in his shop with a guy buying fireworks ( I don’t think this guy was a real actor, though it appears that he might be a director), or trying to buy them, that made me gawk at the screen a moment. Also, when the friends come to the rescue of Ross at the punk show, Ross gets out of the fray quickly and everyone looks perfectly put together in that lovely air-conditioned stadium, as if there hadn’t been a fight. Maybe punks don’ t fight? Compared to the characters in SLC PUNK! These new ones weren’t as cool.


  1. Penny’s dad’s scene was odd. So we have this road trip, which really isn’t a road trip because it’s one city over or something, and Penny beats the shit out of her dad’s car. Did I miss a previous mention of him that foreshadowed this meeting? I think it wasn’t as great as meeting Bob’s dad in the original movie, and we are comparing it to that. You got such a great insight to Bob, and Penny’s meeting didn’t tell me much about her character.


  1. Ross’s defining moment speech. Ross realizes Punk is dead when he takes over the mic at a punk show, whereas in the first movie, it ends with a death that drives the main point home: All of us are posers. Ross’s speech was confused and drunk, and it’s hard not to compare the defining story arc moment to the original. Pair that with the fight he gets into for his speech that wasn’t a fight of all, and it’s… well I’m not sure what that was.


So while I would love to say I absolutely enjoyed Punk’s Dead, I can’t help comparing it to the first movie. I don’t think it’s a reflection that the sequel was bad, I think that the original just did too many things right as a cult film.


Go watch it.

Opinions below.



Dear Author: The Amazon Affiliate Program for Authors


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What it is: You set up a link to an amazon page (your book for example), and get paid a small commission when people buy through your link. Book bloggers often use affiliate links to keep their websites up and running.

Why it’s helpful: Even if you are only making 4% commission by creating a link at Amazon Associates, it can be invaluable for tracking where your sales come from. You can see clicks and purchases by date. You set separate tracking IDs for your different methods of delivery (facebook, twitter, Newsletter). You need to make a link EVERY time you post something about your book. If someone buys another item with your link, then you will credit for that (like an adult coloring book!).

When to set it up: Once approved,  If you account doesn’t make any sales in about 180 (i’m going on memory, someone let me know if they are aware of the time frame) days amazon will close it, so wait until you are a month or two away from releasing your book.

Caveat: cookies expire by computer, so links stop making commission after 24 hours. The cookie expires for each person 24 hours after they click on it. Refreshing your links  by creating new ones before big events could be advantageous. If you’re paying for advertising, it’s probably beneficial to set up a new link.

Dashboard View

associates dashboard

Home+ product links will create a url, able to to be shortened.

Product Linking will create a thumbnail image.

Tracking ID will be the name you set up. To manage tracking IDs, hover over your email address above the menu bar to find “Manage tracking IDs”

Getting cleaner links. Your affiliate links will look crazy-long! Amazon does let your shorten them when you make them, and tells you not to use other link shortening services. You can make a link by clicking  Click the homepage. When you search for your item, in the link box it will say  “Shorten URL with” You must use Home+product links to shorten.

To make affiliate links appear clean for blog posts, you will have to use HTML. This short video explains how to link text in wordpress (by clicking over to the HTML feature and pasting) Once you know how to do it, it’s so easy!

Associate IDs you need:

Main website



Blog website

Book trailer video description

Release day links for street team members and family.

Contest or promotion

This is the research I tracked for Facebook groups that allow authors to post book information:


By recording which group I posted on specific to the day, I was able to see that I got more clicks on the page I posted to on June 17th than June 8th, and no orders.

You can also monetize your blog or website in other ways, per the rules of the Amazon Associates program. Happy tracking!

If you enjoyed my Dear Author post, please add my book to your amazon wish list so it shows up in Amazon emails to current subscribers! It’s free to you, and a huge help to me! (and only takes 3 clicks!)


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