See, we are out there! In case you were worried, I’ve read this book.

Usually when people write these things, they are peppered with anger for the world and the little dark place it can be. If you look out in winter, under street slush and dead foliage, the feeling always seems more intense. The world can be a wasteland, where you forsake your dreams and spend all of your time sleeping. Situations and people will always try to force you to limit yourself.

I always want to learn how to be from people, as opposed to how not to be. I also want to be inspired from optimism and ambition as opposed to limitations. But there it is: opposition.

For me, usually it’s negative people that cause opposition, an account of being social like I am (one of the things I am). It’s leachy attitudes, broken promises, and sometimes even the guilt of having to rely on another person, and it’s worse when it’s the same day in and day out, and there is no choice but to deal with these people.

That being said, I’ve also met a lot of great people. I have friends who stay positive and step up even when it’s not their responsibility in the first place. I have family that can still share their upbeat attitudes while staring down cancer, and others that support me in everything I do. I am so lucky to have people who are able to push me to be my best, even when I’m not very competitive to begin with.

Still, the people who say I’m a long-shot, or caution me about my choices instead of supporting them, still seem to resonate upsettingly, and I’m changing that.

So world, the good, bad, and gray, I’d like to tell you the truth. You see, you have music because people composed it. You have books because people wrote them. And you have plenty of people like me that take your low odds and raise them. You might think I’m not smart enough, organized enough, or creative enough, but I will surprise you, not myself. I will break away from the ones dragging me down, but for now, I will work harder at standing up to them.

So am I embark upon this journey as an author, I will continue to remember I am a writer, martial artist, musician, amateur painter, crafter of aromatherapy, cosmetologist, studier of Psychology, and the most important thing I will ever be: an eccentric altruist.

An eccentric isn’t something I just made up, have you know. It’s a classification, not a diagnosis, because we’re not hurting anyone, or ourselves. The best way to put it is that we are idealists and strangers to conformity, who comprise about 2% of the world’s population. More interesting, about only a fourth of them are women.

And where are your odds? I already beat them.

It’s not my unconventional ways that need to change—it’s you. The biggest truth to this open letter is that you owe it to yourself and your happiness.

Eighteen months to go until the release of book 1.