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When I took journalism in 11th grade, it turned out that it wasn’t about writing—it was about getting advertisements from local businesses to pay for everyone else who did. My mom drove me to a local plaza and I walked into Carmella’s dance studio to ask if she wanted an Ad in our school newspaper. She said, “I can barely afford bread for my family”, and I felt as awkward as you can at sixteen, just trying to do a homework assignment. It was then that I learned being “practical” and reporting the news (or getting advertisements) was not as fun as creative writing. It turns out, these days, the journalism career path has the same outlook as any other writer, which isn’t great, but still growing. For those who tell me creative writing isn’t practical, please look at your biased news and tell me which fiction is better.

This photo wonderfully captures a memory that happened long ago.

This photo wonderfully captures a memory that happened long ago. (source: http://edelmangallery.com/exhibitions-and-projects/exhibition-pages/2005/jack-spencer-recent-work.html)

I’m sure when Carmella opened her dance studio they told her she should be working for an established dance company doing choreography for big, time-tested productions, or perhaps she should work at a video store, or make a killing off of tips from serving at night.

I don’t know what happened to Carmella. I tried to find out, but that was a little bit ago, and I never did know her last name. I wonder how things went down when she left that little shopping center, and what she left it for. Would she, at the expense of her family, continuing teaching dance and grow her business? Or, at the fear of her family’s well-being, would she leave her dreams behind?

This photograph perfectly illustrates the mood of this blog.

This photograph perfectly illustrates the mood of this blog. (source: http://www.genaappleby.com)

Either way, I know that being a small business owner, she needed a plan, and resting on talent wasn’t enough. We expect things to happen because we’re amazing, but then sit back and don’t do anything. We don’t teach people to have the same enthusiasm as we do about our projects. We need the world to see how excited we are and that we are willing to give.

8 months to go, and you’ll see all the enthusiasm I have in store for you. I keep saying it’s the most kick-ass author platform you’ll ever see. I can’t wait!

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