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Every time you pair those two words together, an angel loses its wings, also, you sound dumb.

Ouch, why so harsh, Romarin? BECAUSE.

It doesn’t matter who you’re a writer for, or what kind of high profile job you have, you will never sound smart by using that combination. In Science Fiction and Fantasy, it is the biggest cliché you can ever type, and you should quit your job in shame.

I will never read a book that has that on the jacket.

Over here, in urban fantasy land, I do want you to see how everyday life is kicked up a notch, be it in danger, abilities, or destiny, but “extraordinary” is a redundant word that is evil, and you should be ashamed for plucking feather from a poor little cherub. That’s what really hurts.

It’s such a boring word. You’re just adding “extra” to “ordinary”, as if you don’t have a thesaurus. And by putting the two words in the same sentence, you’re reminding me of how mundane you are. Go home.

That is all for my rant. Good night!

😦  Save the cherubs. 😦