Shattered glass dripping text

Greetings! And now a short break from my usual ramblings!

I figured i’d do a quick post to let everyone know I have made contact with my graphic designer for the cover of book one! This is so exciting, because I am not a graphic designer (though i’m having fun in Inkscape with the text you see above) and am looking forward to seeing someone else’s spin on my ideas. That is the best part of writing a book, or reading a book; it’s knowing that someone out there has their own picture of your characters and setting, and that everyone is different. Creative interpretation is a beautiful thing.

In other artsy news, I have the artwork done for my subcultures you’ll meet next year in book 1 and book 2. The books will be about six months apart, but i’ll have tons of fun stuff in between with the Newsletters and on this blog!

I love these subculture symbols, and have been sending them to my beta readers so often during revision, that I even started to put “AND DEN AND DEN AND DEN!” at the end of my texts (throw back to “Dude, where’s my car?”). There will be an interactive way to see which character subculture you’d fall into coming in March. Oh, and a contest to will a hardcover book is involved.

Everything is on its way for Book One and I have to start planning now to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

I really want to thank my patient betas, and for everyone who has encouraged this journey so far!! I really hope I can build a world for you. You know us eccentrics–we love to share our projects!