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Hello, everyone! Catching up on some novel writing. In addition to my usual ramblings and observations about life, I want to make sure I do a blog series on self-publishing and all of the things I find along the way.  This post is about buying Facebook ads, not about setting up an author page or networking with other authors. I will continue to maintain and connect with my Facebook page, now that they have reinstated my account.

There are many people who are far more experienced with advertising then I. What I do know from reading blogs, is that for books, you don’t see results often on Facebook, but Goodreads is awesome, since it’s for book readers who are just waiting to find a book they like!

Trying out Facebook. When I set up my domain at romarindemetri.com, I got an ad voucher for Facebook. I figured I’d try it out to see what the results look like, and familiarize myself to creating internet ads. It took a lot of time to create and filter, and target the right demographic.

I learned that Facebook does not have ad support. If you have a question about an advertising campaign you are directed to a message board, and chances are, you’ve already seen that thread in trying to figure out why an ad is not running. Your peers, who are expected to answer your questions, do not have the access to fix programming difficulties.

The numbers. The problem with my campaign was that it was active, but not sending out. I had everything active, but Facebook refused to display it. In reading through the message board, I found that the total spending limit of $50, which was the voucher value, was too low. Therefore, Facebook does not let you set your own spending limit afterall, and are not as flexible as they claim. I increased the overall budget to $100 as they set the limit, and them set a daily limit of $10 so I could watch it, and make sure it did not surpass my voucher. It still wasn’t sending after that. I posted another question, and no one from Facebook ever fixed it. My voucher has expired.

The kicker. The best part was what I assume to be a correlation, is someone reporting my facebook user name when it was seen on the message board, which was just my first name as my first and last name. My legal first name. Because someone found my query, which was clearly from a real person, my account was temporarily deleted. It wouldn’t have been as bad, if I didn’t have 3 business pages linked to it. Yes. Three. Direct selling, the author page, and homemade gifts. Even better, Facebook wanted my Social Security Number to prove my identity. They requested a copy of my Social Security Card.

Hell no, why do you need my social?

Facebook wins. In addition to making me change my user name for no reason, other than me posting for support where they told me to, my ad never ran. They can do whatever they want for little to no reason. They did apologize for deleting my account. Why should you pay money for advertising when there is no live customer support? That is not a sound business practice, and a message board cannot fix technical issues or glitches in the system. No technical support when I am shelling out cash is a total turn-off.

My advice is to realize that Facebook and google ads are not tailored to readers. Stick with Goodreads and blog tours, and services that are for readers, not just ones they say they might be able to find them on the internet somewhere.

Needless to say, I will not be trying Facebook for ads anytime soon. Meanwhile, we all have to do what Facebook says because we have made them so powerful, and yes, I will definitely be using Facebook to connect with readers and writers, so find my page here. I will be doing my first giveaway for Book One in March, and you can find info on my Facebook page when my cover is revealed!