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We all have favorite words (especially us English majors) and words we don’t care to use. Some words carry vivid meaning when we hear them.

I don’t enjoy the words “gourmet” or “premium”, and especially dislike the word “supper”. There is a reason these words are distasteful to me. I remember the word “gourmet” from a math problem in 3rd grade that discussed candy bars. It makes me think of math and Popsicle sticks. The word “premium” somehow holds the opposite meaning for me, and when I hear it, I think something is substandard, like you’re trying too hard when you use “premium”.


I don’t even know how I found a picture that tied in two of my themes, but you’re in luck. Serious luck.

“Supper” reminds me of the old soup in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, and cabbage, which I never liked.

We also have made up words in Ohio, which include “exspecialy” and “supposably”.

“Ignorant” is like all of those words above combined for me. Over here in the States it’s usually at the end of a statement that is negative, and someone is trying to prove a point. “Ignorance” is more removed from blame, and in my mind appears almost elegant. The most important thing about being “ignorant” means that it could have been prevented. If we look at the word “ignore”, it is usually a choice, and that someone tries not to see something that is so apparent. The word “ignorant” to me, isn’t a word that will fix things. It is a word that blames, and will never appear in any healing sentence.

On a happier note, my favorite word is “fortasse”, which is Latin for perhaps. “Perhaps” will never break a promise, but it is a glass-half-full kind of word.

What are you favorite and least favorite words? Feel free to comment!