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It was a topic i couldn’t pass up: Creativity.


And that is how I landed up in the Journey Magazine!

After finding out about others like me during the quest for my BA in Abnormal Psychology (and from the same text book that has a picture of the Way brothers from My Chemical Romance), I knew I was different, and that even if I had a personality that composed 2% of the population, that it’s still a fairly large number.

It was time that made me realize that I need to make the things I like into a career. My article is about the Eccentric, how the Five Factor Model in personality psychology tells us so, and why it’s possible for anyone to step out of the box and skillfully make a hobby into a career.

The article is here: http://thejourneymag.com/  and the PDF of the Winter issue can be found here.

So after all of that you’re probably wondering which MCR song will appear on my Playlist first for The Supernatural London Underground Series?

That would be Book 2 when it comes out next December, and the song will be “I never Told You What I Do for a Living” off of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

I am going to link you back to my Crazy Cancuck New Year’s Eve Blog Hop post, because there are still 3 days left to enter to win free ebooks. Good Luck!

I extend a huge thanks to The Journey Magazine and the Editor, Clyde Chafer, for including my article in the Winter issue!