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Well…I think January is going to be fantasy movies and television month on my blog. Why not?


Back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the man who saved the series.

If you might remember, I am in the camp of not liking Dawn Summers, suddenly sis. A lot of us do not like the younger sister of Buffy, that Joss Whedon was planning for so long, and still disappointed with. Some of us do (but not most of us). I loved Joss so much, but what he did, by superimposing a family member on Buffy, was counterproductive in so many ways. So many.

Once a few months had passed, I figured I should finish the series. I was trying my best with sub-par nerd villains and weird fan-fic romance, but I needed a break.

And in comes driving, Nathan Fillion, as a southern man of God, being all creepy and wonderful, and a great actor. In Dawnie’s first season, Glory, the villain, was crazy, and high energy and was the only reason I kept with the show. The Nerd Villains Buffy went to High school with were only funny when Jonathon stole the main credits once, and then their comic value was non-existent, and never stood a chance. Caleb, was an impressive villain.  I always think that you should save the religious themes for the last season of a show, and then once you get there…DON’T TURN BACK. Religious themes are linked to the apocalypse, and once you pull that card, it completely self-destructs. Joss got this right.

I would like to personally thank Nathan Fillion for ending Buffy on a good note. Thank you.