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2016 has started with a shocking number of deaths in the world of performing arts. I had not noticed all of the Lilly/Snape artwork and talk until the passing of Alan Rickman. I was very upset and stayed off of social media for a bit, and watched CBGB.  The thing that irks me is the profit people stand to make off of a tragedy.

I think Snape is obsessive and creepy when it comes the Lily Potter, and it isn’t cutesy as the internet wants me to believe. It is creepy and there is no other word for it.  Are we forgetting that Lilly married James, and that’s how Harry is their son? Are we forgetting that Lilly chose James, the tormentor of Snape?

I think we are.

Every time I’m on social media, someone wants me to buy a shirt with Snape and the doe patronus on it. I think we love the doe patronus and we think it’s so cute, when, really, Lilly most likely had a doe patronus on account of James being able to turn into a stag. So the thing Snape remembers Lilly by is what reminded Lilly of James? That isn’t so cuddly. It’s very obsessive.

It comes down to people wanting to profit over sad events by completely forgetting that this was unrequited love. If you were Lilly, wouldn’t you think that this was odd? Would you want people to remember you with some other guy on a t-shirt when you were married when you were murdered?

And all this “together again” stuff? Lilly wasn’t waiting for Snape to die. She was killed with her husband, you know, James.  Snape has been dead for years, and this isn’t new. They aren’t suddenly together again because the actor playing one of the roles tragically died.

No one is thinking about Lilly in this, and how uncomfortable it might be to just be doing the right thing, and then ending up all over the place on a shirt, wrapped into an idea that she should be with someone she didn’t love.

One exception is fanfiction. Write want you want, that’s why it exists.

But don’t expect me to capitalize on an idea that is stalkerishly obsessive just so you can make money in light of a tragedy.