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In my blog I love finding quotes and analyzing them. My T.S. Elliot quote conversation even gets found through Google.

I like to see inspirational quotes in an age where relationally aggressive quotes are found set to pictures all over the internet. I don’t see how the use of negative quotes helps anyone, and today, I’m discussing a negative quote.


Would you hang this on your wall?

I first saw a sign similar to this Box Sign – “Shes Wrong” in a home section of a department store. For inspiration, it’s kind of a rule of wrist not to have the word “wrong” as the last word on a plaque. Still, people are posting the hell out of this quote, as if to say amends have been made. I don’t think anyone needs to be called out for their own opinion or growing life experiences.
I don’t see how this is funny or inspirational. It’s just depressing that everyone is failing.
So often, parents say “because I said so,” and that is one of the most incredulous things you can say to a child. So what should be said to a child or adolescent who thinks they are right? How about, “It’s not because I’m older than you that you have to listen to me, it’s because I’ve gone through the same experiences as you, and my experience makes me an authority.”

“Experience though noon auctoritee”- Geoffrey Chaucer.

Yes, I’ve studied Chaucer. Check out the Wife of Bath’s prologue from the Canterbury Tales if you enjoy middle English (it gets easier to read as you keep going), and print that on a plaque instead. If you’re asking what it means, through translation and thought, you will find that the Wife of Bath thinks that you can’t have real authority without experience. I also take this to mean that if you have the experience, you are  more than likely an authority (in a normal case). For example, The Wife of Bath thinks that priests should not be giving marriage advice, as they are not married. My mom does Calligraphy, so maybe I’ll ask her to make me a nice plaque!
Parent child relationships are interesting—not only to your home décor, but because many people forget that children and adolescents have the ability to think abstractly and be reasoned with. Maybe “Because I said so” just means that parents are afraid that they are raising adults. People don’t like to be asked questions, but if you don’t learn something new everyday, then what are you doing with life?

The maternal figure in my book series was very vivid to my editor, and I think she would be the person to hang up the plaque that started this whole post. Have you know…she is hiding a vital piece of her daughter’s past in plain sight, but she thinks she’s right for doing so. Of course she’s right, read the plaque!

Do you, or would you put this quote up in your home, and what purpose would it serve?


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