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The girl in the hood appeared to me again this morning, a photo that is too pretty to keep off of book covers. This time, she didn’t have the hood on, but I recognized her face, and decided to figure out the story behind the girl in the hood. You might recognize her like this:


Check out her amazing gallery here

The first time I saw her, she was on a book cover that shared some of the same inspiration as my novel, and weirdly enough, the titles were eerily similar before I changed from “Legacy of a Countess”  to “A Mirror Among Shattered Glass”. Being how I am, I thought the cover was lovely, but that a girl from the 1600s probably wouldn’t have on makeup or French acrylic nails. I am so weird when it comes to hair and makeup in movies and books that shouldn’t have hair and makeup.  It’s probably just a Cosmetologist and English major thing.


Luckily, we have creative license when it comes to book covers!

So who is the girl i the hood really?

I have seen the girl in the hood a few more times, and it really is a great photo that evokes mystery and a kind of sensuality. This morning, after she showed up in my email inbox, I decided to look into the story behind her photos, and yes, it’s kind of awesome.

The photo is by photographer Konrad Bak. He is from Poland, and is well-known, with an impressive gallery that you can purchase to use. The article by Shutterstock about his unique photos and style can be found here: http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/2012/08/fashion-icons-keeping-up-with-conrado/, and in it, you will find that the  model behind the portrait of the mysterious woman in the hood,  is very versatile in her photos, and the best part is:

She is also his wife, Iwona.

I’d say this is a happily ever after ending to the mystery of the woman in the hood. It’s quite lovely to know that they travel taking pictures together, and creating stories from their art that so many people have enjoyed. The are in many of the stock photos together, as a team!

Seeing your book cover brought to life is a truly amazing thing, and it’s wonderful to meet the people who help your own images come to fruition!

I can’t wait to share mine in less than a month!


There you have it. The woman in the hood remains a beautiful cover, as well as a HEA ending.