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“Can’t” is a dirty word (and will get you twenty push-ups where I come from), but “can’t” can be even more empowering that positive phrases that support you, and the people who believe in you. “Can’t” is a word that will motivate you like nothing else.

“Can’t” tests your passions and your drive, and when you’re told that you can’t do something the test begins, and you’ll do everything you can to pass it.

“Can’t” doesn’t have the facts. It doesn’t have statistics or pay attention to success stories. It doesn’t listen to hard work and work ethic. “Can’t” assumes that you’re not even trying, and that people with talent will never make it without luck. In fact, it puts you down because it has no idea what it’s talking about. “Can’t” tries to pretend that it’s aware of what’s going on, because it knows that it doesn’t have the facts or experience to back things up, and doesn’t think that you are willing to get facts or experience either. It works on the small amount of knowledge it has, and does not strive to learn new things.

I was told that I “can’t” write books because it isn’t practical and no one can make a living off of writing. Even the people who have publishing deals might not sell enough books to earn a living. I was also told that I “can’t” write books by the people in charge of representing them, so with my family telling me I couldn’t, and agents telling me I couldn’t, I did what many authors did, and decided to make writing a hobby, because everyone was saying that I “can’t” do it, even though my ideas are endless. In 2014, a year out of college, I decided that I was going to do everything “can’t” told me I couldn’t, and I was going to be informed and driven about my passion, because “can’t” knows nothing of that.

When I prove that I can, “can’t” won’t be sticking around, and people will truly see that I am up to the challenge. When you get past “can’t”, people start to see “serious”.

Being told that you “can’t” is such a huge motivator because is dismisses your passion and your room to grow.

If you lived your whole life being told that you can do anything, do you suppose that you would have the same passion that you do today?

I don’t think that you would.

If your hand was held, all of the work was done for you, and you were never told you had to try harder, you wouldn’t be in the same place you are today.

“Can’t” is the test that asks you if you want to be here, and if you do, nothing can stop you.