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The cover reveal is less than a week away!


Cover reveal: 3.6.16. Book release: 6.4.16

            In searching around for urban fantasy cover ideas, I came to one concluding question: How am I supposed to design and UF cover when my main character doesn’t have a tool belt or gun?

Other characters in my book have tool belts and guns, sure, but they’re not going on the cover (Even if you want them on the cover). Also, my main character is not wearing a midriff when she lives in London, even if she did move from California. It’s rainy and cold there, and completely impractical.

So what is left for an Urban Fantasy Author that doesn’t have a hip-popping-tool-belt-wearing-adventurous-midriff-heroine?

Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that I wanted to focus on the setting, because half of the books in the series have a title that is the setting for that book. Book two “The Frost Bloom Garden” is my favorite title to date.

I will post a blog for the book giveaway on March 6th, so stay tuned! I’m giving away 11 advance paperback copies. 😀

It’s almost time to enter The Supernatural London Underground.