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This girl:


Author Romarin Demetri at Cleveland Concotion

loved going to Cleveland ConCoction!

Thank you to everyone we met and talked with–and to the vendors and exhibitors that we met over the 3-day weekend. You can view the website for Cleveland ConCoction here to check out the programming they had this year. There was gaming, panels, contests, art, authors, guests, and everyone was very nice! Nice counts for so much, and we were just loving the positive energy. The experience was amazing! We especially loved seeing the cosplay!

Thank you to the staff for Cleveland ConCoction, and for everyone who worked and volunteered!

There was also a preview of two of the subculture symbols from the contest to win a free book! Here are our last day costumes and share images. Can you guess who was who?


Me and https://livinglife957.wordpress.com/ Can you guess which subculture we belong in?

Unlock your symbol at: https://uquiz.com/SevRSQ, and follow the instructions to win a free book!


It’s been two decades since an attempt to eradicate the supernatural forces in the city under the guise of understanding them began, and about seven since it ended in chaos.


After their escape, four twentysomething housemates try to learn what being human means, as the hidden part of the city starts to rebuild itself, and they must open their world up to a daft American girl with a dark secret, and potential for their cause.