I am always amazed when I meet another helpful author, or get to answer questions about my book at an event, because readers and writers are so friendly, and they believe in the stories we write. One of these authors I have met is Brianna West, who has been welcoming and is participating in my launch event in June! She started writing “The Promiscus Guardians” (the Latin “promiscus”, not “promiscuous”) series and decided to share her stories with us! Dawning is the third book. The first book, “Awakening” was really long, and I liked how she created an intricate fantasy story as a paranormal romance (PR) writer.

I love a great good vs. evil story, especially when all of the characters have a certain darkness about them. 

The Dawning launch is upon us! It starts April 30th. it is a private event (because of notifications)… but i can invite you. You should come for the many prizes, and also because I am revealing Pinterest character boards for Fred, Yves, Audin, and Travis from 9pm-10pm Eastern time. Go friend me on facebook and post on my wall that you would like to RSVP to Dawning, and I’ll send you an invite. I can only invite you if we are friends. You don’t want to  miss all of the prizes!!!!

I am so excited for my first author takeover from 9-10pm on April 30th, and to celebrate the release of Dawning!

Only a few more weeks until the launch of “Mirror”. Paperback on June 4th!!