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“How’s writing life?’



Welcome to the blog index for the Dear Author blog series! As an indie author with a solid writing background who didn’t land a literary agent on her first shot, I quickly found that with the internet and world of independent authors, giving up on my dreams just wasn’t going to happen! Not in the years of the twenty-teens!

I am chronicling my experiences (and helpful lists and checklists!) of being a professional independent author, who knows when to contract for professional services, and enjoys running every aspect of her book series. If you are writing a book series, especially if it happens to be fiction (even more if it’s fantasy) I am giving you MONTHS of my time and research, so you can spend more of yours writing. For some of you, this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life, and traditional publishing and the will of NYC can quickly put a damper on all of your hopes and dreams.

With any job, you need training, and your best bet is to learn the industry for months or years before you set the publication date of your first book.

So began the chronicles of an indie author. Below, you will find advice through every step of the way! You will need to put the work in to get results, and you have to be ready for the days in which you spend more time marketing than writing. They will come. But what else is on its way? True life advice to help you with all of your dreams!

Dear Author index with hyperlinks:

On Publishing

  • Introduction to Independent Publishing (this post)
  • Indie vs. Traditional publishing, and other ways to publish 6-1-2016
  • Checklist for sending your manuscript to agents or editors *check out if you’re going for a traditional deal! 6-2-16
  • Createspace and other ways to publish 6-5-16
  • Pre-release and cover reveal 6-6-16


Professional services

  • The pros of professional beta readers 6-7-16
  • EDITORS. 6-8-16
  • Cover Designers 6-9-16
  • Book Formatting 6-10-16



  • Professional, Paid, and Blog Reviews 6-11-16
  • DIY Graphic design and stock photos 6-12-16 marketing
  • Why email is still #1 6-13-16
  • Advertising on ebook websites and newsletters 6-14-2016
  • Press Release 6-15-2016
  • A little book launch help from your friends 6-16-2016
  • Blog Tours 6-17-2016
  • Events and giveaways—online and in person 6-18-2016
  • The book trailer 6-19-2016


The Business End

  • Amazon Affiliate Program for authors selling on amazon 6-20-2016
  • Connecting with other authors 6-21-2016
  • Song lyric reprint rights 6-22-2016
  • My secret excel list for organizing…EVERYTHING 6-23-2016


More posts will be added to the Index as time goes on!


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