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 Book Blogger Lists and a Case Study in  Book Blogging

Dear, Author

Are you looking for lists of book bloggers? Well, you should be! They’re awesome!


I love connecting with book bloggers, and with many accepting ebooks as a format, it is affordable to be an author and connect with others! More readers means having the ability to write more books and share your ideas! I make my own quick spreadsheet for contacting bloggers that is tailored to my genre. I always organize bloggers by name, link, genre, typical turn-around time, formats accepted, places reviews are cross-posted to (amazon, goodreads, twitter), and other services (cover reveal, guest post, interview). I also take notes and highlight the ones I think will be an especially good fit.

Golden Rule. Personalize your email. Some book bloggers rant about how they feel like they get mass emails. It isn’t the author’s fault that most book bloggers need the same information, but the author is to blame for not looking for a first name to address the blogger by, or by not honing in on their genre. Research the name, genre, and the review policy. Do you like something about their blog? Tell them.

Follow the instructions. Treat each book blogger as a human, and follow their rules at all time.

Paid reviews. Never work with a blogger who is taking money for reading your book or offering you a “good”  review, if you want to take my honest advice. Book bloggers CAN make money through advertising and affiliate links to your book, and some do. It just doesn’t sit well with me, and it doesn’t sit well with most book bloggers who are honest.

Bloggers are working with you, not for you. This does not guarantee a review within your time frame. It is important to  remember that you want bloggers to have the time to enjoy your book, and if it takes longer, it takes longer.

 Directories of Bloggers

While some bloggers will have quit by the time you get to them, these lists are still full of active bloggers and will help you build your own. As a note of caution: Look up the date of the last book post. If it’s more than two months, your blogger will probably announce hiatus soon, and then go off the map entirely.


Built with Blogger Bios, many of these readers prefer twitter as a mode of communication


I added the fantasy genre link, but you can use the top menu bar on the page to select fiction or non-fiction, and then subgenre.


Again, I added my genre, but use the menu bar at the top to select yours.


This list is so long that it took me weeks to add to mine. All of these bloggers are prolific.


This list is for Sci-fi and fantasy, and it’s found on the left bar of this blog under “Sci-Fi/Fantasy sites”. Thanks, contributors for going above and beyond!

One more place you ABSOLUTELY need to check, is the featured bloggers section/sponsors on the websites for book conventions or meetings. The presenters at these events are influential bloggers that are going out of their way to get out into public, and you need to add them to your list.

If you have even more time (a year and a half like me, maybe) you can search for reviewers on the top selling books of your genre, who have left reviews and have blogs. They might list their blogs in their about me sections and have review polices. I do warn you that this is time consuming. A lot of amazon top reviews would like you to gift them a copy for kindle. You can find information about that here: http://www.sellingbooks.com/send-kindle-review-copies/ Be forewarned, because gifting a copy means that they can return the copy for amazon credit.

Keep going. There will be more book bloggers out there, so dedicate a few hours a week to looking for more bloggers to read and review book 1, even as more of your titles are released. Keep in mind that you might have to pitch your new books to keep interest and avoid being pushed under all of the ARCs since your first book is already out. Some reviewers will read the previous book and then review the current.

One last group of reviewers. You should have a list of friends who enjoy your genre who get to read your book before it comes out. These people should genuinely enjoy your book so that they are happy to leave a review. I turned my advance readers into my street team so I can offer them fun contests and prizes down the road for being so amazing and supporting me in the beginning of my career. Ask this group of intelligent reviewers to leave you are review on release day so that you have one up from each of them and get an honest head-start on reviews.

My book blog case study for the first book in a series:

So what was the response like for book bloggers when I requested reviews for my first book?

I started in March, 3 months before the book release. About ¼ to 1/3 of book bloggers I requested responded in the first month. It was a lower number than I expected, especially considering the amount of time I had spent finding them all, but I was so happy to meet the ones who did respond and grow relationships with them.

29/ the 160+ blogs I queried accepted my book for a review.

5 blogs had the review up before or on the release date.

2 reviews were under 3 stars and under.

3 reviewers decided it wasn’t for them and quit early, or finished the book and decided not to post.

9 bloggers did not post a review, and have not responded to an email follow-up.

2 Have it on a long TBR list and notified me upfront.

A few bloggers posted after the release day or are running behind, because life does happen, and they were professional and kind to let me know. I love that, thanks!

2 weeks after the release date, 10/29 blogger reviews have been posted from interested bloggers.

The reality is that I spent weeks getting together an extensive list of bloggers (by far, my most time consuming task), and days contacting them all, just to find that a small percentage were interesting in trying out the book. This is my first book, thus, that could be why. I am curious to see how the second book will be received by book bloggers, and am most excited about handing book 2 over the the bloggers who are so excited to read it!

Maybe my case study  speaks about the need for blog tour websites that are helpful in finding your book publicity, but I can’t promise that book tours work for sales or interest. That will be another topic.

As we know, more books = more readers, and that is the only thing about book marketing and publicity that is set in stone. I hope this post was helpful!

If you are a book blogger interested in reading my book, feel free to contact me. The book community is by far one of the nicest groups of people I have had the pleasure of corresponding with. Bloggers and authors are both tremendously helpful and kind.

If you enjoyed my Dear Author post, please add my book to your amazon wish list so it shows up in Amazon emails to current subscribers! It’s free to you, and a huge help to me! (and only takes 3 clicks!)


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