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Advertising on ebook websites and newsletters

Dear Author, did you know you it’s helpful to take our advertisements for your book to keep sales alive?


Rule of wrist: Advertising is a better bang for your buck when you have multiple books out, and the more tailored you go (hone in on people who read) the better results you get. With a series, your backlist is always there ready for sale, and an ad might spark a chain reaction and sell multiple books.

We are talking about advertising specifically for ebook websites and newsletters, because this is an audience who is reading. You can choose to use Goodreads (recommended) or facebook (here is why I wouldn’t) or even Google adsense.

Advertise book one. Book one is a magical gateway to the rest of the books in your series. You will also have the most ratings on book one, since it’s probably been out longer. More ratings= more readers. Book one will probably be free at some point, or at .99 cents during your promotional period.

Advertise at reduced prices. People are more likely to download your book if it’s 2.99 or under.  .99 is usually the most effective price. If you have a sale going on for your ebook, you really should advertise it, because no one will know that it’s on sale otherwise. Most authors make their money back on the ad even at reduced prices, and end up selling more books in the series. You can set your ebook to .99 cents for a month and take out ads. This might get people to buy your other books at full price. Advertising without a reduced price is not advised.

Update your book info to tell readers the sale won’t last. Use HTML to add a message to your book’s description, and tell readers to get the book while it’s on sale for a limited time. Here is a guide to HTML for Amazon.

A one-day blast vs. week long advertising campaign. If you’re looking to achieve a best-seller rank through your advertising, amazon works on the condition of how many sales you will get in a day, and what else is selling in that day. You could sell 500 books and make it if nothing else is selling, but you might need to sell 5,000 to break the top ten. Focusing advertising into one day might help you break into the top 100, however, sustaining sales for a few days might actually make amazon recommend your book on other lists, resulting in more people buying it. I recommend trying both and seeing which method works better for you.

Reader’s In The Know has the best list ever for sale and free ebook advertising, and some email lists and social media blasts are of no cost to you, but not guaranteed. Readers in the Know is responsible for this gem, which is free, but they also have paid author services as well.


As I am notorious for spending months on making advertising and blogging lists, I have added books in my genre to my own list and tailored it from there.

Some authors say free advertising spots in newsletters don’t help as much as paid newsletter spots, and that they aren’t worth the time. I recommend looking at the experiences other authors have had with specific paid advertising sites. The case seems to be that you get what you pay for.

The only way to measure a possible increase in sales is by tracking spikes in sales that coincidence with the dates of your promotions. It might not be so possible to track during book 1 because you don’t know what is normal yet, but in time, you could notice some helpful trends.


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