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Dear Author,

Let’s talk the all-important newsletter!



Email is still the most effective marketing you can do through the internet.  Authors use newsletters to announce events, new releases, and offer exclusive sneak peeks or writing progress.  The people who subscribe are already all about you; all you have to do is remind them you’re still out there!

Getting people to subscribe. Offer something for free as an incentive to get people to sign up! My email marketing is set up to automatically email the first four chapter of my first novel when recipients confirm their subscription. For my events in the Spring, I offered a free bookmark when people signed up in person at my booth.

Don’t share email addresses or spam. This is common sense, but you need to let people know you are the only one with their email address. Legitimate email services (we will get to that) won’t share email addresses. As for spamming, I let people know that I’m only sending a Newsletter once a month and on release days. Choose whatever works for you.

Pick your email service based on short and long-term goals. Email marketing is expensive, but you know that it works. The truth is that there is no way you can do email marketing yourself on a large scale. It would be far too time consuming. You need to write more to build more, and writing should take up the majority of your time. Some services offer a free trial period of 30 days, while others allow you a certain number of contacts or emails and then charge you after so many participants.

 I found that Mad Mimi was the best service for me! To start, I was offered 100 contacts on the forever free plan. I’m glad someone gets that email is important, but that I need time to build the list to be able to make back the service’s fee.  I’m an Indie, and I’m not going to see income until around book 3, so I need a newsletter I can afford. Mad Mimi was the best cost for long terms plans too, when I priced them all out. They also offer drip campaigns that send one time only when users subscribe, and you can schedule when newsletters go out. They are so easy to use, too!

Support with Mad Mimi. Mad Mimi has a support team who is fluent in English. Chat is available, and they also have a support inbox for email. In trying out other services, I have had problems with a language barrier, because I only know one language. I think it is great when people speak more than one language, do not get me wrong, but in running my book series as a business, I have to make bossy decisions, and an English-speaking support team makes things easier.

The only foreseeable drawback mimi comes with, is that you design how content is set up yourself, and there are no templates. You can add a banner, pictures, headlines, lists, and a combination of picture and text.  I prefer how simple it is, because I want a sleek design that can be viewed on smartphones. Mimi only allows you to upload a set number of images, so keep up on the images you don’t use anymore.

I suggest Mad Mimi, and if you are liking what I’m telling you,  I suggest signing up for free and seeing if you like how the Newsletters are designed!

Topics you can use in your Newsletter:

  • Countdown to releases
  • Events you are attending
  • Thank yous and pictures from events
  • Early excerpts
  • Sneak previews
  • Deleted scenes
  • A note from the author
  • Ways people can help spread the word about your books
  • Contests
  • Reader questions

I send a Newsletter once a month and on release days. Be upfront with you subscribers about how many you will send. I tell people that the first 4 chapters send automatically, and if they decide the book isn’t for them, then they just unsubscribe. It’s easy!

If you want to see how I’ve used Mad Mimi, you can subscribe to my newsletter and see what I have been up to! http://madmimi.com/signups/176318/join

Authors, what email service do you use and why?

If you enjoyed my Dear Author post, please add my book to your amazon wish list so it shows up in Amazon emails to current subscribers! It’s free to you, and a huge help to me! (and only takes 3 clicks!)



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