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Dear Author,

When your book launches, a lot of your friends and family will be happy for you! So how are you going to do your book launch?


“I want somebody to love my book!”


We are discussing, releasing your book, virtual and physical launch parties, book sales contest and the Amazon best-sellers list, and the Be Everywhere At Once method. This is a loaded post, and it reminds you that it isn’t just about the physical launch, preparing starts MONTHS in advance.

Releasing the book:

What your early readers or Street Team can do to help. For book one, I released my ebook a few days early so that my team can post their reviews. The print book kept the original publication date.  Ask your friends who read the book ahead of time to leave reviews on amazon as soon as the book goes live. They are more than happy to get the word out, because they loved your book! Consider converting early readers to a “street team”, and offer them prizes. More on that later.

What you should do.

  • Add editorial reviews as soon as your book is up. Make sure you head to Amazon’s Author Central, look under “books”, and click on your title so that you can add editorial reviews. Reader’s Favorite is always a good place to start, and if you have an insightful review from a prolific book blogger, add that to your editorials as well. The professional reviewers list from my reviews blog is a nice starting point. It says it may take 3-5 days, but my editorial reviews went up stat.
  • Connect print and ebook reviews by contacting amazon 48 hours after they go live. Sometimes they won’t link up right away. Find the contact button on this instructional page
  • Remind your readers of the importance of reviews. While you can’t review your own book (come on, don’t!) you can help other people find reviews.

Virtual launch parties.

To launch a book, you have to know how social media works.

Connect on facebook. Before you send an invite someone to your release party or contest, reach out through private message first. I’m talking people you regularly interact with here and there, and EVERYONE who has taken an interest in your books posts during the process. Not people you haven’t typed a word to in ages. Be selective and leave them a personalized message. Everyone is constantly added to groups and events on facebook, and because of this, I feel the need to address people before I do.

My virtual Launch Party. I invited other authors to debut their characters to the social world, because there is a cotillion in book 1. I gave away a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. If you’re doing an event, you need to give away a prize. I also invited readers to vote for their favorite debut character as “best-dressed”! Rafflecopter is a good, fair site to run giveaways through, and with a free account, you are able to have people click to enter, visit a facebook page, follow a twitter account, or tweet a message that you set up on Twitter. It picks a random winner, which is fabulous.


Physical book launch. I wanted to find something ingenious about launches in my book launch party research, but it seems there is no trick to reaching an audience you don’t already have with a launch party. The book launch party is for the readers you already have to celebrate with you, but I did meet a few new faces! One thing I did was asked attendees to purchase my paperback on release day and bring it with them, so I’m not lugging a lot of copies around. It also helped sales on release day. These are readers who are invested already. I set my release party to take place two weeks after the book release so that people could read and get my book in time.

I planned a scavenger hunt during the book launch using book clues and the Scavr app for iphone. A disposable camera or camera phone might also work well with paper clues, but you won’t be able to judge a contest in real time or have a leader board. The decision is yours. A Scavenger hunt was a good decision around a town I live in, because they have a historical district.




Other book launch media ideas Be Everywhere At Once:

BEAO was not coined by me, but it is important. If people think you are everywhere and there is a big hullaballoo about your book, they will get curious. This applies to the internet.

* Blog tour. A blog tour will sustain interest for a week or two weeks (or longer depending on what you pick) and I happen to be posting about them in detail tomorrow. This is a paid service unless you organize it yourself, and obviously you want more stops if you have more books out. Always link back to blog stops on social media! Comment on comments on the blog posts! Take off work and camp at your computer, because interaction is key.

*Release Day promotions like interviews, promo posts, excerpts, and release day blasts. After you submit your book reviews, go to your list of promo sites and work down it. Some blogs or services do both, so while I list reviews and promos on different tabs, I make note if they are doing a review on the promo tab. If you are trying to book a few months out, promo people might ask you to email them a few days before with the information. Make sure you do that, and make sure you follow up on the posts they make. A lot of people might end up forgetting, so try to send them as much content as you can for the promo, and even ask them if they have the capability to schedule it. After my first go at a release day promo, it’s most likely advantageous to send anyone who agreed to a promo a thank you 3 days before, as a reminder.

*Have a blog ready to go every day of the week for book launch. You will be on other people’s blogs for your tour, but what about keeping up with your own blog? Post consistently during a release with a series, but try to keep it at one post a day. If people get used to you posting so often, I think they start to get over-stimulated and don’t respond as much. You can do any type of series you want. I did Dear Author to help other Indies on their missions (not just to sell books) and get some foot traffic. Again, this is the concept that you can’t just be a poster that says “buy my book!” you have to offer some goodies too. Your blog series can be anything, just let people know it’s ongoing, and that they should check back! I like setting up an index to generate excitement, and they can see what you will be talking about. Always link to other posts within you posts, to keep people reading the whole series. The best thing I learned: Schedule and complete posts far in advance, because you will be so busy that you could fall behind, or there might be a day your graphic design program is glitching or your computer is going slow.

*Post a related video to your youtube channel. I posted the mini book necklace tutorial on the day of my release, which was super fun, and I’m hoping people will make their own mini books!



If you have a hobby you can tie into your series, go for it. I also wanted to book guest spots on DIY websites, but have no heard back from crafters yet!

*email lists. See my post about marketing your new release in email lists. You can often schedule them far in advance.

*Tell your friends and family of the free ways they can help promote your book. For example:

Add my book to your amazon wishlist with two clicks! It’s free and helps other people find and buy my book.

Recommend my book to your friends on Goodreads!

Share my release day post on facebook!

Vote for my book on goodreads listtopia lists:




There are many ways that even non-readers can help you!


If you enjoyed my Dear Author post, please add my book to your amazon wish list so it shows up in Amazon emails to current subscribers! It’s free to you, and a huge help to me! (and only takes 3 clicks!)



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