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Blog tours are paid endeavors that get you a feature, guest post, or review on a book blog. In my first go, I learned a few things.

After describing the basics, I will also go into why a blog tour might not give you your expected exposure, so please read this whole entry to compeletion!

Always comment and thank the tour hosts. If they read and liked your book, they will be able to find you on social media and follow you. It is polite to thank them.

Plan your posts out way in advance. You know that you’ll need some guest posts, and the more content you give someone, the more prepared they will be. You could get your tour questions or stops mere days or hours before the release date when you’re used to working weeks ahead. Be prepared for this.

You never know what you’ll get. You will never know where you will appear or what will happen. This is a time saving service, no doubt, but you’re not picking where you will end up. It could go really well, or you might not see much response. If it’s your first book, anything can happen.

There could be so many posts that day that your book is 1 of many. Your book might move quickly off the page and on to the next one because there are so many books being featured that day. Maybe this increases traffic, or perhaps potential readers will miss out on your book.

The buzz is only as buzzy as the tour host makes it. Your host is responsible for getting your book out there and if they just want to copy and paste a post, that’s what they will do. It’s unrealistic to think they can type of every post, so you’ll be in charge of content, however, it doesn’t mean that they will promote your post or even space it correctly so it’s optimal. Expect not everything to go as planned, but be thankful that you have the opportunity.

Things I didn’t like about my own blog tour. The timing left me little room. It was fun, but I enjoy working weeks ahead on my book series, and got my stop assignments 2 days before. That is not easy when you’re trying to launch a new book. One of the stops I was supposed to be on never responded to the tour company about why a post didn’t appear. I don’t know if the stop would have generated interest, but it shows you that stops don’t have to be responsive even if they are booked through a tour company. I also wasn’t fond that one of the book stops was a book blog I had already contacted for a review, and the review was done before the promo stop was booked. Overall, my experience was good.

Remember that these results were from the first book in a series. Who is Romarin Demetri exactly, and should I spend 2.99 to get her book when there are .99 titles out there? A book tour could fair differently when an author is established

In summary, I can’t say that a blog tour increased my sales or visibility (if i measure my sales), but it was so much fun!  Book bloggers are amazing for spending time and resources on your book. If you had a great experience with your own book tour, please comment below.

Why a blog tour might not give you your expected exposure.

I didn’t have any comments on my blog tour stop entries, and most Indie Authors would agree that they see better results on Twitter, facebook, and their own blogs, that show readers their personalities. I asked my fellow authors (most of which are romance and erotica while i’m urban fantasy) and they seemed to agree that book blogs and blog tours are both hit or miss. Building readership reader by reader is effective and means that the readers want to support you as an author. It’s more about you than it is the actual book. Remember that blog tours are about other people’s blogs and not your own unique voice. Many authors before you and I have not gotten the exposure they expected for their books from blog tours, so continue on your path knowing that you might not see it either.

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