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Dear Author, what is the deal with book trailers?


A book is meant to be a book, just as a movie is meant to be a movie, so turning a book into a teaser trailer can prove difficult, but  fun. And by fun, I mean for you, and for the people already interested. Across the board, book trailers will not give you extra publicity, and you will usually not see a return on any large investments you make.

In short: Make the trailer if you want, but be wary about paying someone else to make it, or paying to have it posted or featured. If it’s a dream of yours to have a book trailer, it’s up to you how to get it. A book trailer is a companion to the other things you will do, and it is more than likely that it cannot generate interest on its own.

I made my own book trailer by taking the blurb, and then adding my main character’s voice over it—and by voice, I mean her writing. I didn’t want to take it too far off the page.


Search for places that will post a book trailer in your genre to get it out there! There aren’t as many sites for trailers as there are for book reviews, however, there are people out there willing to help you by posting your trailer.

It was fun and creative for me, and I enjoyed making a book trailer. Hopefully you will too!

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