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I am now out and about on Smashwords! My former prologue and short story is up for free and can be yours!

Once upon a chilling evening, a maiden working in a castle owned by Countess Bathory stumbles upon on hideous hidden chamber , and rumors spring from the shadows to come alive. The maiden can either keep a promise or run for her life, but either choice has unforeseen consequences, and what she has seen will forever haunt her waking moments.


This short story was released in celebration of Halloween, 2016. It was formerly the prologue of “A Mirror Among Shattered Glass”, book one in The Supernatural London Underground Series. Because the short story takes place in 1590, and the novels are set near present day time, the story was a fun exercise that acquiesced to exist on its own. We will never have Countess Bathory’s own account of what happened at her castle, but one thing is for certain: There is no getting away with murdering hundreds of girls without a few rumors being started.

Happy October, everyone!