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The author I’m pleased to be hosting for Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt today is Lily Luchesi, author of the Paranormal Detective Series.


Love In Horror


Over the release of my first two novels in the Paranormal Detectives Series, I found that many of my readers who picked up the book specifically for the horror elements were surprised but pleased with the romance I featured between my two main characters, Danny Mancini and Angelica Cross.


Theirs is a love that spans a century, a connection of the soul that can’t ever be broken, even by death. Danny was once a vampire hunter named Jonathan Price who met the vamplet Angelica while they both attempted to rescue an innocent victim from a hungry vamp in Chicago, early twentieth century.



Danny became reincarnated and the two met once again in 2014, once again while fighting a rogue vampire. If I am being completely honest, I never planned on a romance. I never even planned on a series. The first book was supposed to end bloody and unhappy, but as the love between the characters blossomed, and I learned more of their story as I wrote it, I knew one book would not be enough to tell their love…or their woes.

That brought this question to my mind: does love really belong in a horror novel? And what is the cut off? Can you ever have too much? I decided that that answer is yes. You never want to take away from the creepy aspect of your story by making two characters be extremely mushy with each other all the time. There must be balance.


That being said, let me say that I am not very good with the whole “emotions” thing. In fact, I’m terrible with it. So it scared me when reviews came in, saying the readers wanted more romance between the two after they read Stake-Out.

stakeoutSomehow, I managed to write the first real romance scene of my life in book two, Miranda’s Rights. And you know what? I liked it. Me, the girl who rolls her eyes watching romantic comedies on HBO, who wishes Pet Sematary had more bloodshed. My readers helped me want to delve deeper into a wide spectrum of emotions, not just romantic ones.

In book three, Life Sentence, I bring in two new characters, also lovers, and their connection will parallel Danny and Angie’s for some time. For a girl who only wanted Danny and Angelica to be lovers because it suited her murderous agendas, this was quite a feat.

Which brings me back around. Can love and horror be a good mix? Yes. But you’ve got to be careful you don’t go from Stephen King to Nicholas Sparks.


The best thing about writing horror with a romantic subplot it that is makes for more intense fight scenes. The characters have a lot to lose both professionally (if they lose in the Paranormal Detectives Series, mortals would be in grave danger), and personally, because they are fearful not just of losing the fight, but of losing each other. It adds another level of urgency, or fear. It makes yet another thing to fight for.

A lot of people assume, since I write paranormal and horror, that I would have automatically added in a lot of sex and love. As I have had to frequently remind people, paranormal creatures are not romantic figures whatsoever. Angelica is an exception, because she is part human. 12 Vampires lust for blood, not sex. Werewolves want to eat your beating heart right out of your ribcage, not frantically kiss you beneath a full moon. Those are lines I did not want to cross, and they are lines I hope I never cross in the future.

You don’t have to sacrifice fear for love. Romance can be used as a weapon, as a tool for the dark side, and that is how I use it. For readers who pick up the Paranormal Detectives Series, I hope you’ll find a good sixty-forty mix of horror and heart. I want you to gasp and sigh, cringe and cry.


I hope I succeeded, reader. If I gave you even one ‘feel’, I will consider my job done.

Find the Paranormal Detectives Series (ebook and paperback) on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ParanormalDetectives

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