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When I started my book series, I needed something that tied the main character to her past. As a (minor) spoiler, the triquetra necklace Romarin dons in London in book 1 a Mirror Among Shattered Glass is a symbol her birth parents left her with, but no one knows why. Could one of the characters in book two be onto something?

I like The Frost Bloom Garden because it explores the different meanings of the Triquetra according to the characters she comes across. I like to think good things come in threes, but I can’t convince everyone!


The Triquetra in the Supernatural London Underground: 

Rodger from the bar, who is a Libertine (a new age vampire), likes to think that the triquetra’s past present and future mean nothing to him because his is immortal. He also reflects that his friends for the next hundred years will be the same people, immortals, so he laments that he needs to have good communication with them.

In Celtic cultures, The symbol means to love, honor, and protect. The triquetra is often seen as a celtic knot. Coreo from the alternate Changeling dimension points this out in The Frost Bloom Garden.

Having first seen the triquetra on Charmed, I am familiar with its meaning of the maiden, mother, and crone, its role in wicca.

And of course, the triquetra can also be linked to the holy trinity, father, spirit, and ghost, as well as the inverse.

To one character, Audin, his symbolism of the triquetra extends to  John Paul Jones’s use of it on the Led Zeppelin album cover, Led Zeppelin IV (in book 1).


We will know for sure what the triquetra means for Romarin  in Book 3, as the trilogy comes to a close. This symbol is a timeless one, that lends itself to many great things that come in threes.

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