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In October I took a trip to Anaheim California. It is the city that Disney is in, and you can reach a beach in 30-60 minutes. I looked forward to taking the trip because my main character is from California, and moves to London for The Supernatural London Underground Series.

Below are side by side pictures of Laguna Beach (Romarin is from somewhere near Long Beach) and Dover Beach in England:

I love these side by sides. You see a difference in the waves, the trees, the clouds, and both of the pictures were taken in October!

Anaheim had chili mocha frappuccinos, and London had chili powder drinking chocolate (Paul A. Young)!

In the fiction series, Romarin moves to England at 19, the place she was adopted from. Her parents kept her safe for so long, and in book 1,  she comes to realize that they might be keeping some truths from her too! Romarin’s friends back in California were superficial and it was easy to hide her powers from them–Until the accident. Her new friends in London are dark (some superficial, yes) and a little damaged, and I think my love of London reflects back on the reader.

California was beautiful and sunny, but not so warm when I went this October. I live  closer to the east coast, and this was my first time “out west”.

While I love the sun and  especially the beach, there is just something about London that I love, and have much more of a connection to that city than I do any other. There is something about the history of it, and I love the noise in the city (I love NYC too!).it’s also more fun to go out at night in a big city, and much more to do!

I have a stronger connection with my main character now that I understand the place she came from. While Romarin’s character and I are different in many ways (she isn’t the character I based on myself), I think we can both agree that there is something about London that fuels creativity and complexity. The history of London makes anything possible in creative writing, and for me, the setting has allowed my books to essentially write themselves. Traveling is the single greatest source of inspiration, and if you want to write, you have to go to your setting.