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Uncaged Book Reviews is a magazine that covers many different genres, and its design is gorgeous! I’m not saying this just because I am a Feature this month. You can see the time and dedication Cyrene puts into the magazine. She is also backed by leading review blogs. I’m not sure how she does it all, but we really need something like this! You next favorite read could be highlighted in the magazine, so be sure that you take a look!

There is also an except from my second book “The Frost Bloom Garden” in the magazine that shows how the main character’s powers work, and also highlights the new case she’s working on. In urban fantasy, one must simply hunt a killer, right? The name of the chapter is “Meeting a Guy in a Hotel Room,” and it’s worth the read! I start on page 43, but you should read the magazine cover to cover!

The Indie book world continues to be thankful, inviting, and supportive in so many ways. Authors have full creative freedom to relate to readers. Uncaged is one of those amazing places and I want to see this magazine last forever. Please can we get some facebook likes and twitter followers? đŸ™‚