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A treaty of protection. An end-all prophecy. A forbidden love. A family curse.

A wanion is an oath, a wish, a promise, or a vendetta, and in the third installment of the Supernatural London Underground, London’s favorite group of supernatural misfits are forced to come to terms with theirs.


The chance to free London from supernatural suppression was never a choice for Romarin Demetri, or for her friends and housemates, who shared a horror she has only heard about in a few unguarded moments. When an elite group of assassins is contracted to thwart their plans of liberating people from another experimental laboratory, their ultimate goal is forcibly stalled— allowing time for pleasant distractions, other worldly experiences, and situations that can’t help but make them feel human. Now that her friends finally have to face their horrible pasts, Romarin finds herself willingly walking into an insidious trap that plays out her own worst fears.


It’s sweet, addictive, and a little wicked, and it’s here now! Book three is available on Kindle, Nook, and Amazon in print! If you pre-ordered, it was sent directly to your Kindle. Own the trilogy and enter the world of The Supernatural London Underground today! Learn more here.


I am overwhelmed and delighted by all of the support I have had for the series so far! There are readers that get what I have to say, and see the message of resilience that’s in this work of fiction. We read books like other people watch sports and go to concerts–to escape, but also have the opportunity to experience a form of art or entertainment along with others, regardless of where they came from themselves. Thank you for supporting something that wouldn’t have been possible without the network of Indie authors and the choices that we now have in publishing on account of technology. Amazon and Createspace knew how many authors were out there, despite not being represented by a publishing house or agent, and Indies continue to climb the best-seller charts. Thank you for continuing to see where this series is headed.


The release event tonight is so awesome and has a great turn out every time, because I get to interact with readers, and am not preoccupied with posting things! Prizes up for grabs include ebooks, signed paper backs, a coffee mug from the series, and even a copy of Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark! Contests will be open through Friday for you to enter!

To get the grand prize of power player, make sure you tag and share the event graphic in the Drama Free Community group! Events often come down to extra tags and shares.

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