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Welcome to the first stop on The Pub and Restaurant Book Blog Tour! Your stop today is

Seven’s Pub and Plundery

from The Supernatural London Underground Series


Setting up the series for you:

It’s been two decades since an attempt to eradicate the supernatural forces in the city under the guise of understanding them began, and about seven since it ended in chaos. After their escape, four twentysomething housemates try to learn what being human means, as the hidden part of the city starts to rebuild itself, and they must open their world up to a daft American girl with a dark secret, and potential for their cause. There is only one way for Romarin to become part of the Supernatural London Underground: Can she be the one who challenges the misfits to put down their ghosts and demons and make their world together?


Long before our Misfits living in Whitham Castle met the troublesome Romarin, they have been going to their favorite haunt, Seven’s Pub and Plundery.


When visitors walk down the London alleyway that leads to Seven’s a feeling of doom and paranoia hits them.

“We twisted through an alley as the sky grew significantly darker around us. The narrow pathway between buildings gave me a creepy feeling, and I frequently glanced behind me, when I was not staring at my feet, worrying that my heels would get stuck in between the worn cobblestones.”- Book One, A Mirror Among Shattered Glass.

When you are able to brave the alley, you quickly find that Seven’s is one of the safer parts of London for paranormals, and that every supernatural subculture is represented there. It’s s safe place for people like Romarin to drink blood, without causing extra attention to herself.

Travis and Audin take Romarin to Seven’s as a kind of peace offering, because those guys are not so trusting and have secrets to protect. Romarin meets another cast of characters out at Seven’s, and the pub continues to be an important setting throughout the rest of the two books.

Though the pub is the social hub of the world, it’s not as safe as you might think. Characters fight and even die there, as there is still more than a fair share of danger in London. The best part? Even though this is modern London, it still has a working jukebox.

On Halloween for her first year in England, Romarin is invited to go to Seven’s for Halloween. Her friends won’t tell her what Flapdragon is, but won’t take her with until she agrees to play in the traditional tournament. If she wins, there is a pretty good prize involved. So what is Fladragon (Also known as snapdragon), you ask? Here’s a quick visual… and some swearing?

Tell me in the blog comments if you would play this Halloween Game at Seven’s! Be sure to comment  on this entry so your entry for the grand prize is valid!

To read the full Halloween chapter, it’s my gift to you, here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/4856bb_ceb95d7f145148b49ce2a9b0f8bb4815.pdf

Thanks for being here to celebrate the release of Wanions of the Wicked with me!


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