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Update: The fan page has since been taken down by Facebook working with Pottermore. Thank you to all who didn’t turn a blind eye. Indifference helps none.

You might not know me as an author or person, but I have always thought that it is imprudent to make assumptions about an entire group of people without getting to know them, and one Harry Potter fan has taken to his or her Pottermore fan page to post quotes and pictures about how “Hilter did literally nothing wrong.”


Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler (who is pictured behind a Winston Churchill quote by the page owner) needs no introduction of his own.

When I read Night by Elie Wiesel, it made me physically shake with anger. The book is about how Wiesel and his father were commended to a concentration camp, and the images still haunt me today, especially as an author of fiction. I read it in college and it was not assigned reading. A reader who commented on the posts praising Adolf Hilter says “If you can even advocate any of the things he did, you probably need to reevaluate your life choices,” the page owner says, “I do advocate it.”

Another page admin, who like me, doesn’t tend to get into politics, has made the decision to unfollow the page (I wasn’t following it–I’m a Ravenclaw 😛 )and speak up about the hateful speech to avoid giving attention to the page, that has since attracted other people who support the Holocaust and Hilter. The page is becoming a meeting place for hateful people. The events happened on May 28th, 2017, and it looks like Pottermore-Slytherin is deleting them.


Now, allow me to say that I don’t know how how the page owner of Pottermore-Slytherin was raised, and how one could actually look back on the Holocaust and say it was justified, but please keep in mind that this individual could have been raised to not know any differently, and may have not had a family member who had to live through the horrors of the Holocaust. There will always be people with differing opinions (even if they justify hurting another human being which most of us think is inherently wrong), and while we cannot change the opinions of people programmed for prejudice or discrimination by their families and peers, we can choose not to support them. By continuing to like Pottermore-Slytherin, you’re helping them spread an aggressive message you might not support yourself. If it was one person, “no big deal right? Just ignore it.” But it’s the page owner who is doing this.

You might look at this page and say it’s just one admin’s opinion, but the person posting has confessed to being the page owner, so you will probably see more pictures and people who think the same thing should you continue following it, and when you share HP related pictures and quotes.

Here is an update from 5/29:


This is no longer a fan page. They also changed the page address to : https://www.facebook.com/TheDEReich/  as of 5/30 so if you are familiar with history at all, it might not be best to follow a page title with that name.

Futhermore, like other people I have accidentally found who praise Hitler, the page admin goes on to say that the Holocaust never existed.:


When I posted about reading the book Night, probably in 2007, I had a friend on Myspace message me and tell me that all the Nazi’s burned were trees. This “friend” was a thirty-year-old person who did not survive the Holocaust. One of my friends was dating one of his. He and his friends had identical jackets. I quickly realized what was going on and then didn’t talk to them again.

The main point here is that people’s deeply seated opinions about generalizing large amounts of people who look or believe different than them will never change. Sometimes people fear those who look or act differently than them, or they’re around people who have taught them to do so. The best thing to do is unfollow the page and stop supporting a fan page that has suddenly turned into a hate group. Since the page owner is the one posting these things, the page will not change over night. As a reader and a fan of J.k. Rowling (or someone who has read or hear first-person accounts from a victim of the Holocaust), it’s up to you to stop condoning violence towards people who look or believe different than this page owner. It’s something silent that you can do to prevent hate from spreading.

Harry Potter would be one of the last book series I would think of to help spread a message of hate or intolerance, so I do find this all odd. As the page admin from another fan page (who posted about this) said, it’s just awkward. It’s awkward to see this pop up on a fan site for a book series you love.

People are always more comfortable around like-minded individuals, so if this speech makes you uncomfortable:

“Hitler, literally did nothing wrong.”

“yeah, Adolf Hitler. Great man.”

“holocaust never happened.”

“I do advocate [the things Hitler did].”

“No, this page has not been hacked. I am legitimately saying these words.”

“I own the page.”

then unfollow Pottermore-Slytherin on facebook.

The old URL was: https://www.facebook.com/Slytherin.Pottermore.Page/

The new URL is: https://www.facebook.com/TheDEReich/

If you say anything on the page, they won’t hear it and their opinion will stay the same, so the best thing to do is quietly unlike, and tell your friends.

People can say and believe whatever they want, but as fans of a book series, we can choose to not support their message instead of being indifferent.