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The suspenseful start and peek into the lives of guarded, imperfect characters turns a year old today! Where has the time gone?


Mirror paved the way for books 2 and 3, The Frost Bloom garden and Wanions of the Wicked to get perfect editorial reviews from Readers’ Favorite, and be entered into a contest. I’ll know the results in September. I did my job this year, and I continue to learn and improve.

I told the story I needed to for the characters, and it’s different than a conventional story line. Mirror reflects on the main character and her decision to be in control of her own choices. It’s a story of self.

The first book in the series doesn’t reveal everything. Romarin doesn’t get to London and find automatic best friends who give her a tour of her new house and then go shopping with her. There is no montage of trying on outfits in this book. There is no instalove, and instead, Romarin finds out freely given trust isn’t the best way to make lasting relationships with the cast of new people in her life. She needs to come into her own and sort out the issues in her own head before she can fix everyone else. That’s what the suspense and layered characters are about. These are characters that might show you a scar one minute, and then cover it up and act like that never happened a moment later.

Of course, publishing independently is hard, no matter how many color-coded spreadsheets and tasks an author has. It’s hard to get even local exposure and an Independent author, and we rely heavily on awesome volunteers! During the release of The Frost Bloom Garden in December, my laptop broke, and I’ve been editing graphics and writing on an older, slower laptop, and can’t comprehend even planing a release until I have the proper tools again. I didn’t expect it would be this challenging, but at least I’ll never be short on material when I can write faster than I can release! These are the coolest things that happened to me as an author the past year:

Physical book events were AMAZING, because I got to meet new readers and friends! I enjoy seeing my favorite familiar faces!

Online events and the Indie book community were really helpful. I think I love my Drama free Book Community events the most!

One of my friend’s coworkers got Mirror for Christmas because it was suggested to her mom on Amazon!

My cover song was technically played on the radio (click the link for the archived file) as the intro to my appearance on Off The Chain With Yvonne Mason. Music is something I don’t want to forget how to do, so I’ll integrate it from time to time with my writing. I’ve seen too many friends give up all together!

I learned how to do cover design and made the cover for book 3! Again, editing on a slow machine takes ages, but I’m pleased with the final draft of the cover.

I learned how to write a book in a month. With proper outlining, I can finish writing a 75,000 word book in under a month now!

Books 2 and 3 got prefect reviews from Readers’ Favorite!

I grew by putting in edits by hand, and I’m learning how to make the most out of sending my creative writing to a technical editor! I’m also becoming excellent and showing and not telling.

Tens of people fell in love with my books and characters!


I have 13 more books planned. Thank you being a part of my publishing journey! We have many fun years ahead of us.