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Piper Charmed episode 1 season 4

I had watery eyes re-watching this episode at the gym in the morning.

The 1st episode of the 4th season of Charmed was on at the gym Monday morning, and watching Piper trying to bring back her sister almost had me in tears. It was 7am and I was tired, but that’s when I realized that I’m far too emotionally invested in the characters that I watched for 8 seasons.

Some viewers don’t want new characters in the reboot by the CW, airing in the fall, but I’d hate to say it, new issues, technology, and social climates evolve in new decades, and the first Charmed was twenty years ago.  Disagree with me all you want, but it’s time. Some people (The CW) got slack for saying the new Charmed is more “feminist,” which probably wasn’t the best thing to declare when the original was about a matriarchy.

Feminism is changing, just like everything else (The dictionary changes every decade), and it doesn’t mean that the original Charmed wasn’t feminist.

Of course, we all want to see the original sisters back, but we did have 8 long seasons with them that a new series will not erase.

Viewers were plenty vocal in the original series when the character Prue left and Paige was added. I remember a message board post from back in the day that said, “bring back pure,” but my God, did the writers do a fantastic job with Paige. It’s the job I wish Joss Whedon would have done with Buffy Summers.

In the reboot with new characters, Macy, Mel, and Maggie are Charmed ones. Here is the long trailer:

My initial thoughts: Right away, the setting of a Victorian manor is established, mom is too good to be true, and they press they sisterhood off the bat. And do I NOT trust the Brit “Advisor.”

What I’m excited about:

Mel’s freezing time powers are stronger than Piper’s ever were (unless an angel of destiny has shown up) and Maggie’s telepathy has some kind of force field.  Was someone born on a Nexus?

What happened to The Elders? Did it get played out and that’s why we have “advisors,” or is there a crazy plot coming up where whitelighters are extinct? I am hoping for the later! “Guardian Angel,” and “advisor,” carry entirely different connotations.

The college town setting means an awesome coming of age story. This is very new adult to me, how about you?

My predictions:

  • People will keep bitching. That’s life.
  • The “advisor” will be the least favorite character. I’m actually not looking forward to him at all.
  • Open-minded viewers will get the most out of this and pick up on nods to the original Charmed.

I can’t knock the new series until I give it a chance. See you guys again this fall!