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Romarin Demetri is an eccentric personality with a compulsion for writing that cannot be tamed. With a B.A. in English and Psychology, the support of her readers, and positive editorial reviews , Demetri focuses on twisty fiction and the redeeming qualities of human nature. Demetri is currently writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance set in London, because there’s just something about the city.


About Eccentrics

Eccentrics are the outliers, people who are overall altruists; idealists who are strangers to conformity. Comprising about 2% of the world’s population, they have more than enough hobbies each to make up for the rest of the census.

The Blog

This blog is about life and all of the things that can happen to a writer on her adventures through life, picking up inspiration in the strangest places. You’ll see an eccentric’s spin on everyday topics. The most read post on this site now is: The Problem with Dawn Summers, ‘Suddenly Sis’

The Books

Romarin writes urban fantasy (The Supernatural London Underground) and paranormal romance (The Silvered Moon Diaries). See the Books page for more details.


Romarin’s interest in Psychology includes:

Fear:  Fear is the root of so many obstacles, and I think it is innate within us. It makes us generalize large groups of people without getting to know them, and is successful at dividing us as humans. Why are humans so quick to fear things and people that are different than them? Can we change the way we perceive fear in order to be happier and hurt both ourselves and others less?

Foster Care: Studying how we can improve safety, experiences, and resources for children who are and were formerly in the foster care system and don’t have the typical family structure. How can we make the foster care system into a better alternative for those who choose not to raise a child? How can we help former foster children to find resources once they are out of “the system” and left on their own?

Mental Health: It’s always on the mind of anyone who has studied Psychology. How can we make mental health services more available while we destigmatize the need for them and also reduce the need for medication? There are many people contributing to all of the above right now, and I hope to find the part of this that I am most passionate about.

Resilience: Studying how and why we can overcome circumstances given to us in ways that don’t hurt others. Is there a way we can enhance education to increase resilience? Why can some people cope better than others who are in the same situation? Does resilience come from within, or from a need to prove things to others?

Romarin Demetri is represented by Ultraviolet Communications.

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