The Books

The Silvered Moon Diaries (October 2018)

New adult/adult paranormal romance

Who needs magic school when there’s magic work study?

Someone is burning through witches, and the Coven themselves could be next. A smart witch counts on her friends to get by, but when powers go awry, untamable passion can be even more dangerous than a witch hunter.



The Supernatural London Underground Book Series (June 2016- August 2018)

Young adult urban fantasy

After their escape from a supernaturally experimental laboratory, four twentysomething housemates try to learn what being human means, as the hidden part of the city starts to rebuild itself, and they must open their world up to a daft American girl with a dark secret, and potential for their cause.


Praise for The Supernatural London Underground

“Strong characters aren’t the superheroes who can lift a house, but the ones that keep fighting even in the face of losing. The characters that can inspire strength of character and heart by standing up for their beliefs and staying true to who they are. ” – 7 Trends That YA Literature Should Follow This Year–

The A Guide to Claiming a Scaredy Cat Anthology ( April  2018)

Adult Paranormal Romance

A few fated years prior, Autumn met the only person like her in the entire world– right before finding out she was tasked to kill him. Autumn is the sole heir of a shifter family who believes that other shape shifters should be eradicated, and though she’s a powerful jaguar shifter, she is helpless to do much about it. Twenty years ago, Autumn let Blaze escape with his life. Now he’s back, he’s gorgeous, and this time, he’s here to kill her.


Romarin’s short story. “Hunter’s Moon” appears in this Paranormal Romance Anthology.




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