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It’s déjà vu for Delilah when she stops a pyrotechnic accident at a London punk rock concert in 1986, and realizes that she’s seen it before—and that she’s the first fire element seer the London Coven has ever had.

After one of their own is abducted by rogue witches, it’s clear that someone high up is playing everyone as fast and hard as a fifth chord chorus. Delilah’s premonitions might not be enough to stop the witches in charge, or challenge an ancient, hedonistic ritual that plagues London Coven hopefuls—not unless she can work in harmony with the other four elements. Can Delilah put away the past and future, and focus on the present to bring the guilty parties to dead end justice?

The Fire Seer’s story combines dark fantasy and urban fantasy elements found in Demetri’s urban fantasy repertoire and contains a prominent love story that is suitable for young adults and above.

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